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Baby & Kids Clothes From Organic Cotton

Why Organic

Today healthy lifestyle and organic farm food products are becoming more popular as people are starting to take greater interest in their health. Clothing is an essential part of everyday life, but it is not frequently realised that the toxic dyes and semi-synthetic materials in many items of clothing can harm your child as much as unhealthy food from fast food restaurants. This is why it worth paying more attention to clothes made using organic cotton.

Organic cotton is grown in toxin-free fields without the use of any chemicals. However, only 0.1% of cotton is produced organically worldwide - so what is so special about choosing organic?

Clean and natural product
Organic cotton is 100% pure. It has a natural origin without any chemicals, synthetic fertilisers or pesticides used. Unlike a variety of other materials gathered by combine harvesters, organic cotton is harvested by hand, which makes it cleaner and therefore improves the resulting material’s quality. Textiles made from organic cotton are not only comfortable to wear due to their soft and gentle textures, but are also longer-lasting and more durable through tougher conditions, making them an ideal answer for everyday wear.

Healthy production and healthy customers
Clothes made from pure organic cotton are designed to keep babies comfortable and healthy. Our clothes range here at bluegreens are absolutely non-allergic and do not irritate your child’s sensitive skin. As well as benefiting you and your child, farmers and their families working at the farms that produce this organic cotton are less likely to get health problems caused by the use of toxic fertilisers and pesticides.

Care for nature and environment
Organic cotton grown without any synthetic fertilisers uses all natural methods such as crop rotation and animal manure additions to ensure healthy and nutrient dense soils!

International standards guarantee quality and safe products
Organic cotton clothes manufacturers have internationally recognised standards called GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This means the organic products are strictly tested at all levels: from the cotton growing to the textile colouring, printing and final garment production.